Consumer Studies food production 

The following are prepared by the senior learners in the Consumer Studies food production and Hospitality Studies practical classes:

Healthy fruit and vegetable platters

Cakes and other baked delicacies

Egg and egg based dishes,


Rice and pasta meals

Meat dishes

These are a few of the dishes that the learners successfully master in the Consumer Studies food production practical option. The highlight of the Hospitality Studies practical classes is the “Bon Appetit” restaurant where breakfast and light lunch menus are served to guests and deserving learners in the school.

Consumer Studies Needlework

Due to the learners’ enjoyment of this subject and the high level of skills development activities that leads to greater independence, a Consumer Studies needlework option was introduced in the beginning of 2013. Initially learners were reluctant to use the electric sewing machines, but with the motivation of the teacher, many have mastered the skill and they are sewing with much more confidence. Small and large bags, aprons, tray cloths and cushions are practical articles that are successfully accomplished.

The content of an extended Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement is instructed with the focus on practical skills more so than on rote learning of theoretical content. The Gateway School provides the learners with all the necessary resources to execute the practical tasks in well equipped Consumer Studies and Hospitality Studies centres. These subjects increase our learners’ opportunities of obtaining employment after they have completed their school career.

Skills subject - Consumer Studies

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Senior learner preparing Muesli and Fruit in the Consumer Studies class

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