To encourage parents to become more involved with events, meetings and functions organised by The Gateway School. The Parent Involvement Group also strives to encourage parents and the school’s mutual involvement in each child’s learning, to create an open channel of communication between parents and educators and motivate parents to actively partake in a variety of school activities. The PIG’s is also a fundraising committee, raising much needed funds for the school by means of annual activities like the dogwalk, raffle, summer party as well as selling of hotdogs and pancakes.


How is the PIG’s committee structured?

The PIG’s committee is co-ordinated by two teachers, namely Ms. Anchen Breedt and Ms. Lerecia Labuschagne. Communication with the parents takes place by means of meetings, letters, phone calls and e-mails, thus including all stakeholders in projects and events. All staff are involved in the PIG’s functions and this builds team spirit as well as ensuring the success of each event.


Who can become involved in the PIG’s committee?

All parents of learners registered at The Gateway School as well as any other interested community members who can assist are encouraged to form part of the PIG’s committee.


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