School Hall

Our appreciation to the Lotto for funds received for the following school hall projects:

  • Stage curtaining
  • A screen and projector
  • Stage lights
  • Developing badminton at the school.

Eighteen years after The Gateway School relocated to the newly built school on the Ruimsig premises, the dream of building a multi-functional hall has become a reality. We are excited to report that the building of our school hall commenced on Tuesday 7th February 2012.

With a loud roar a huge scraper entered the school gates and started to move the earth in preparation for digging the foundations. Curious and excited learners watched through the classroom windows in order to catch a glimpse of the building activities. Two days later a heavy rainstorm woke the neighbourhood, but at The Gateway School, the roaring sound of the scraper and other earth moving equipment carried on regardless of the weather.
Renico Construction (, our sponsors and builders goal is to finish the multi-functional hall by the end of May 2012. The planning of the interior of the hall is discussed over midday tea breaks, on the sports field and of course not to forget our learners creative and exciting planning skills, ranging from comfortable chairs to sit on, a stage to practise for our upcoming Eisteddfod, tables to exhibit their art works and much more.

The newly completed school hall was officially opened during a memorable evening function held on 6 June 2012. Mr and Mrs Louw of Renico Construction accompanied by their loyal contractors and suppliers attend the function and it was with great pride and a heart filled with gratitude that Mrs Kempen and her Management team officially proclaimed the Renico School Hall open.

We are appealing to our community, sponsors and donors to assist us in furnishing the interior of our hall. Should you be able to make any form of contribution, please contact Dr M.E. Kempen (Principal) on 011 – 958 2080.