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disabled learners


Dear parents,

Please watch this very informative video on preparing to send your child back to school after lockdown, presented by Educational Psychologist; Naomi Holdt.

Newsletter – June 2020 – Returning to school safely

Parents and guardians
Please note the below newsletters have amended dates in.

The below newsletters contain information regarding school starting times and our implementation plan to accommodate all learners whilst adhering to social distancing regulations.

The newsletter contains information about:

1. Learner return to school plan
2. Amended School calendar for 2020
3. School times
4. Curriculum
5. School communication – d6 Connect Application
6. School fees and fuel fund
7. Safety measures
8. Transport arrangements
9. Procedures that will be followed if a learner or staff member feels unwell
10. Visitor procedures
11. High-risk learners
12. School attendance
13. Face masks