The Performing Arts program at The Gateway School serves to holistically stimulate the learner by means of movement, singing, active listening, instrumental play, creativity and dance incorporating his/her mind, body and soul.  Music integrates Drama and Dance in the Arts curriculum, as well as Numeracy, Literacy and other Life skills into one subject.

Many learners are not exposed to music at home and therefore The Gateway School’s active music programme is very important.  The teacher uses melody, rhythm, movement and speech to involve all learners.  These four elements should be central to each learner’s learning experience.

Music aids in developing auditory awareness and listening skills. Music furthermore teaches and improves a learner’s rhythm and assists with reading, writing and learning (to memorize).  With movement and dance they discover themselves (body awareness) and improve laterality, their spatial development improves and music teaches learners to interact with a partner.  Music develops speech and the learner discovers how to participate in a group at his/her developmental level resulting in each individual learner achieving success. Concentration is improved by experimenting and playing with percussion instruments.

The Gateway School annually participates at the Alberton Eisteddfod as well as RACA cultural festival in Randfontein. In addition to these cultural activities the learners have the opportunity of taking part in the school’s Revues and Christmas plays.

Learners with special needs experience the joy of creativity and satisfaction of achievement they gain through music. For many learners this is a new experience and one that they thoroughly enjoy.



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Core curriculum subject - Creative arts - performing arts

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