Office administration

The purpose of this subject is to equip learners to work in an office and business environment.

This qualification recognizes the basic skills, knowledge and values acquired by learners to operate as efficient office workers. The aim of this qualification is to develop learners who, after completion, will be efficient in the following:

Use and apply a variety of basic office administrative knowledge and skills such as filing, telephone and reception etiquette, receiving and sending mail, maintaining a safe working environment, using and caring for general office equipment.

Use and apply a variety of skills to produce an acceptable standard of business documentation utilizing available technology – general computer use and software (word processing, presentation and spreadsheets), internet and e-mail facilities.

Communicate (speak and demonstrate) effectively in order to achieve interpersonal, business and organizational objectives by reading basic words, understanding and interpreting work instructions.

The subject is implemented in the school, where feasible, for learners 14 years and older.