Life skills

Macnamara (1995:1) defines Life Skills as: Those skills which enable a person to function as happily and independently as possible in his or her own environment. At the Gateway School we strive to achieve this by focusing on teaching the learning content of the various Life Skills domains, namely: supported living, social relationships, recreation and leisure, community participation as well as employment.

The aim of The Gateway Schools Life Skills programme is to equip the learners so that they can function in the community as independently as possible and therefore be meaningful members of society. Our learners are individuals with unique needs and abilities thus with appropriate teaching strategies they have the potential of learning new skills to increase their independence.

The Gateway Schools Life Skills programme caters for boys and girls aged 5 -18 years old. Guidance in areas in relation to HIV/AIDS, relationships and assertiveness aid them in developing into proud young adults with positive self images.

Our 17 year old learners who show an interest in obtaining a learner licence are supported and enrolled into a programme addressing this need. Leadership camps for the prefects and monitors are held annually and this has proven to be a very valuable experience for our prefect body.

The Gateway School extended our Life Skills learning programme and provide learners with the opportunity to enrol for their Learner Licences. The school contacted an outside trainer, Ms Cerealia Klinkenberg, who instructs the content to a number of learners. The learners, as well as trainer thoroughly enjoy these classes and we wish them luck and success with their verbal test later during this year.