Creative & Visual arts

Arts true function is to inspire us to express our emotions and to tell our stories. When words are not enough, we turn to image and symbol to speak for us”. – Michelangelo.

Parents do not realise that the piece of paper that their child just scribbled on, is valuable. Self-expression through art making, whether through painting or any other craft media, is a powerful, yet safe way of allowing a child to express his feelings in relation to any disability.

As part of our Life Skills programme, the aim of the Visual Art class at The Gateway School is to:

– provide basic knowledge and skills through enjoyable, experimental processes.

– develop important sensory-motor skills and fine as well as gross motor co- ordination through the manipulation of different materials.

– guide learners to observe, to use their imagination, to explore, create, express themselves freely and to use their senses and emotions without the fear of criticism.

– ensure that barriers are identified and addressed and provide the relevant support by using different strategies.

– keep levels of ability in mind at all times and support – every step of the way.

– strengthen relationships between learners of different cultures and with different capabilities.

– creates useful products from waste materials.

– support and strengthen the teaching of other subjects and

– persuade learners to do as much as possible on their own thus encouraging their independence.

Besides from drawing and painting, our learners participate in activities that include beading, card making, decoupage, paper mach, wooden toy making, mosaic and the annual Eisteddfod.

“I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited: imagination encircles the world”. –Albert Einstein