Basic Needs

There are many ways in which you could assist The Gateway School in making the lives of those Learners in need so much easier. The following are a few examples of how this can be done.


We are in urgent need of sponsors who would be willing to subsidize the traveling costs of learners who cannot afford to contribute to their Fuel Fund Fees. An amount of R900-00 per month will ensure that a learner can make use of the transport system, and thus benefiting from the stimulation and educational program offered by the school. The learners are collected from their homes and transported to school in the mornings and taken home in the afternoons. Due to their intellectual as well as physical disabilities our learners cannot make use of public transport making the transport system run by the school vitally important. Any assistance that you could render in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

If you can render assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Margaret Grobbelaar at 011 958-2080 Projects Co-Ordinator The Gateway School.


Many learners come from homes where there is a shortage of the basics in life and we try to clothe the learners as best we can.


The Gateway School runs a nutrition program where learners in need receive a balanced meal at lunchtime. Any non perishable food donations are very welcome and thus ensuring that this vital service is maintained.


Any toys would be greatly appreciated. Toys are used in the stimulation and development of the child as well as just for relaxation and free play. A lot of teaching is done with the medium of play and the pupils learn without even realising they are.


Pencil Crayons, Wax Crayons, glue, pritt, gummed paper, clay are a few of the items that are used in vast quantities by the learners. Magazines are also a valued item as the young learners use them to learn the fine motor skills of cutting and pasting.


These are very costly items to purchase out of the limited school budget and any assistance with these items will make a valuable contribution.

The above are just a few examples as continuously a new need arises. For more information on how you can help please contact The Gateway School and we will gladly assist you.

A very big thank you and deep gratitude to our donors, corporate and individual, who have been so generous to us during the year. Without your contribution and support many of our goals could not have been met. Once again a warm Gateway Thank You from Learners, Management and Staff!!