about us

Our Main Aims Are

We aim to equip each learner with knowledge, skills, and a high set of values which include commitment, motivation, confidence, courage, respect and responsibility.

Our Ethos is to instill a sense of:

  • Quality and fairness
  • Identity and pride


We strive to be a leading school for learners with special educational needs (LSEN) dedicated to preparing learners to live a dignified life and assisting them to reaching their full potential.


  • As a school we are committed to quality education. We strive to:
    Provide excellent educational opportunities for learners with special educational needs
  • Develop each learner holistically
  • Instill democratic processes and a culture of responsibility and accountability amongst all stakeholders
  • Foster constructive partnerships with the community

Through the weighted factor applied by the GDE, The Gateway School is given a rating equivalent to a main stream primary school with more than 1130 learners, hence the staff compliment of more than 70 qualified professionals being teachers, therapists (Physio and Occupational) nursing sister, social worker, administration assistants, student teachers, fundraiser, bus drivers, and general assistants.

The Gateway School operates a fleet of 18 microbuses that transport its learners with severe intellectual disabilit to and from all sectors of the community in our rainbow nation, covering a total distance of more than 1300 kilometers per day.

A very caring community, with a true social responsibility in trying to improve the lives of the less fortunate amongst us, established The Gateway School in 1972. The school is very proud of all its accomplishments during the past 46 years in being able to improve the lives of so many of the learners who have benefited from all the school has to offer.

The School offers a Learner License programme to the learners.

The following is a chronological history of key events:

1972 – The Gateway School was founded. It consisted of six children with severe intellectual disabilities at an old abandoned mine hospital in Luipaardsvlei.

1975 – The school moved to the larger Florida Park premises with prefabricated classrooms and offices in an old farmhouse, all of which was restored by staff and School Governing Body members

1976 – New legislation was promulgated and the school became partly state aided by the Department of Education.

1994 – Land was acquired, finances negotiated, new permanent buildings planned and erected. All of this was done in its entirety by the Principal and School Governing Body

1995 – The Gateway School moved to its new premises on 3-hectares of a site in Ruimsig.

2002 – The Gateway School with 287 learners celebrated a successful 30-year anniversary.

2006 –  The School Budget is approximately R2.4 million of which The Gauteng Department of Education subsidizes in the region of 25% the balance is made up of parents, fundraising and donors

2012 – The new school hall is completed, where our learners can now have assembly and music classes.